Success Stories


“Brandon encouraged me daily and was patient with me as I slipped back into a weekly fitness plan…”

Fitness and health have always played an integral role in my everyday lifestyle, but it became a challenge after I had my son (now 12 years old) and after my career took off. Working out started to become a challenge due to time constraints, sporting events, and my work schedule. My once solid 5x a week fitness plan dwindled down to 2x a week and eventually I just stopped everything altogether and became discouraged…then I met Brandon.

Brandon started working with me in the fall of 2016.  He took the time to learn about my personal fitness goals – where I was, where I am today and where I want to go. He also spent a great deal of time listening and trying to understand the medical challenges that were historically limiting my ability to achieve optimal results. After months of working together, Brandon encouraged me daily and was patient with me as I slipped back into a weekly fitness plan and learned my new limitations with my health. While my goal was not to achieve a significant amount of weight loss, it WAS to start shredding my muscles up again, building cardio endurance and mastering better form to achieve optimal results.

Brandon created a custom plan for me with an overall total body workout and just in time for my family vacation to Jamaica! I had a goal and he helped me achieve it – if he felt I was plateauing, he would challenge me more, if I started drifting, he would pull me in, when I became discouraged, he brought positive encouragement, when I had a relapse, he was ready and available to hit the reset button and start over with me.

Thanks to Brandon’s support, encouragement and patience, I feel stronger, more committed and more determined than ever to continue on this journey!


“I’m so happy with Brandon that he’s now training my 15 year old daughter”

I always had a rule that with weight, if the first number started with a “2” it was “too much.” Historically, when this happened, I would skip a few meals, run for a bit, and get it back into the 190’s. As I got older – this became harder to do.  About two years ago, I decided I had to do something different. I started running more and then twisted my right ankle really badly in a freak accident. I was laid up for a month and just putting on weight. I couldn’t run so I thought – what else can I do – and that’s when I started swimming. After swimming for a few months, I joined a local swim team and these guys all did triathlons. So – guess what – I started doing triathlons too.

I approached Brandon about six months ago because I needed to do more than just cardio all the time. I was busy running, biking, and swimming – but I wasn’t attending to weight training at all. I knew that my joints would be susceptible to injury.

Brandon created a wonderful weekly plan which had four days of weight training – each day focusing on major muscle groups. He taught me the proper motions and techniques. This can’t be over-stressed. He makes sure the muscles are working exactly as they are designed! This both prevents injury and builds correctly.  I’m really happy with the results from working with Brandon. He’s a great guy – he listens well and he designed a plan just for me. I’m so happy with Brandon that he’s now training my 15 year old daughter – as she recovers from a knee injury so she can start playing soccer again.


“I like that he always keeps me motivated and holds me accountable.”

I have been working out with Brandon for a couple of months.  I like that he always keeps me motivated and holds me accountable.  I am getting stronger and proving to myself that I can accomplish weights and repetitions that I did not think I could.  When I go to other workout classes, I have the knowledge to perform the exercises properly, so I am able to get the most out of my workout.  I like that I have the confidence that I did not have before, so I am looking forward to my workouts, rather than feeling awkward and making excuses not to workout.  Brandon is very patient, even when I ask him to go over the exercises multiple times, which is great for me, because I want to perform the movements the proper way. He gives me feedback during the workout and helps me make adjustments.  I am happy I started working out with Brandon, I feel like I am on the right track to meet my goals and I have the path to get there with Just B Coz Fitness.


“That is 33 pounds in just half a year!”

I have tried everything in the past.  You name it going gyms, dieting, taking pills, and I was always stuck.  I never saw any results until I found Brandon in November 2016.  I never thought he would be able to help me because of all the things I tried before, but I was wrong.  I started weighing 158 pounds and today (May 2017) I weigh 125 pounds.  That is 33 pounds in just half a year!  I am very amazed with the results, but it is not only the weight loss.  Working with Brandon we have covered a lot including weight loss, strength building, and body sculpting.  I have built a lot of muscle;  my legs, arms, chest, glutes, and stomach are so much firmer and stronger.  I am 100% satisfied with my results.  Brandon is a person that will make you feel motivated and have a desire to train.  He knows what he’s doing, believe me he would get you to where you want to be.  I will continue to train with him even after I reach my goal.  I totally recommend Brandon as a Personal Trainer to anyone that wants to see results.